Queen St Walk of Shame?

Overnight, some brave politician homeless soul climbed the scaffolding of the Auckland Town Hall and hung a giant sign questioning the Queen Street upgrade project.


Lita works strolls the streets of Queen daily, and while the renovations have been a walk of pain (could they not have done one side of the street at a time?), it isn’t quite the claimed “walk of shame”.

The Council removed the sign quick smart this morning.

Could it be Steve Crow has kicked off his mayoral campaign already? Oh yes, it smells like it’s gonna be a nasty election season this year.

Lita bit
– – – – –
Queen Street might have been named after a famous Queen. Did you know you can find coloring pages with queens and other royalty, along with some coloring sheets of many other themes? Thanks to the Internet you can get a whole coloring book of whatever genre you want, and the best part is that a coloring page from the Web is free.


4 responses to “Queen St Walk of Shame?

  1. I must say I’ve enjoyed dodging people on the more narrow paths up Queen st lately. It’s bringing Aucklanders together really.

  2. I must agree with Pip on the current look of Queen Street bringing Aucklander’s together – I’ve never heard so much interesting gossip while stuck behind fellow Queen ‘walkers’.

  3. I know, Nosey! Just yesterday I was listening to some girl’s last-night escapades. Juicy stuff.

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