Prostitution education may be on offer in NZ


NZ Education Minister, Michael Cullen is hoping so.

Funding for tertiary courses in prostitution could be considered…Tertiary Education Minister Michael Cullen has said the changes are aimed at increasing the “quality and relevance” of courses….

Classes for this education programme could be any of the following:

  • Strategic marketing: Expanding beyond K’ Road
  • Technique: Harder isn’t necessarily faster
  • Lambskin vs. Rubber: the pros and cons of each

Pip bit: NZ Herald

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A more important kind of education is getting a degree, and thanks to online college degrees they are more convenient now than in the past. You can find an online university that can provide classes in almost any field–for example, you can attend an online college in order to get yourself a nursing degree if that’s your goal.


8 responses to “Prostitution education may be on offer in NZ

  1. appaling from an 18 year olds prospective, where is new zealand going to? lost in the fight to gather more and more taxes for the governments coffers

  2. I did my thesis on sheepskin vs rubber, got an A.

    Of course, it was called ‘Social Studies’ then, instead of ‘NVQ level 3 for Streetwalkers’.

  3. So whats new, companeras ?

    Once you peel apart NZ’s ponderous veneer of Victorian respectability .. it’s always been there.



  4. i’m inclined to believe that educating prostitutes, not to mention the legalisation of the ‘oldest profession’, is the peeling away of antiquated victorian attitudes..
    hurrah, say i…
    their job sucks. the least the govt. can do is offer these often vulnarable women at least some education, rather than put on the blinkers and pretend they don’t exist. let’s not leave them out in the cold.

  5. Far out! Instense opinions on Bits?!

  6. I was gutted when I read this in the paper this morning until I realised that it was mostly mischief making. However once the door is opened anything can happen!

    There have been so many bad laws passed in the Green’s name over the last 2 terms. This needs to be addressed and, sadly, the only way we can do this is by ousting Helen.

    Shenanigans – you are right about offering protection and it’s such a hard thing to do because by legalising the profession you are also promoting it as a legitimate way to earn a buck. I’d be gutted if my son or daughter chose to supplement their student loan or day job salary that way!!!

  7. with all due respect sarah, i think legitimaising and promotion are two seperate things within this issue. legalisation might have legitimaised it, insofar that the police can be called for help and can operate in a sanitary and regulated brothel, and out of the darker alleys and industrial areas. however, it is still a fairly base choice, and one which i am certain is not taken lightly. needless to say there is still a stigma attached to prostitution in the eyes of ‘normal’ society, hence the outrage/hysteria when such nonesense as this is published in the papers.
    i don’t think you will find the many 15 year old girls walking the streets of south auckland ‘choose’ prostitution as a career because it is legal and therefore legitimate (namely because it is not legal for such young girls).
    is it not more the case that the little or no education, substance abuse, physical and sexual assault is that which devalues a person’s self-worth, which makes prostitution a relatively attractive option. and even then, i am sure it is not an easy ‘choice’.
    your children are clearly privilaged that they have such a caring mother, hence one would imagine there is little liklihood of them falling into such dire circumstances which could feasibly lead to them such a profession.

  8. It’s interesting and disappointing that, despite lots of evidence to the contrary, some people still think of prostitution as a victimless crime.

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