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Drew Peacock – say no more


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Anything or Whatever…drinks for the undecided


The latest product to tingle Pip comes from the new beverage company Out of the Box. The idea is basically ‘a surprise in every can’ as the cans aren’t labeled to show what flavour they are.

‘Anything’ is carbonated and comes in six flavours (Cola with Lemon, Apple, Fizz Up, Cloudy Lemon and Root Beer) and Whatever is non-carbonated (Ice Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Apple Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea).

Teens are totally into the beverage surprise concept and so the company hopes to launch this outside of Singapore to the same raving reviews.

NZ’s just the market to try something like this on. Anyone? Anyone?

Here are the clever adverts that go along with product names like ‘Anything’ & ‘Whatever’

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Whack your soul-mate

Feeling a little annoyed, bothered, incensed, unappreciated, or all of the above by your soul-mate? This game, Whack Your Soulmate, is the answer to expensive therapy.

Warning: Contains really gross content. And by gross we mean, poo, blood and wee.


Click on the loving couple to start your personal therapy.

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Phone sex pranks

Be warned, you will be laughing out loud non-stop.

Gil, aka Dave the weird sex fetishist, is a comedian who rings phone sex lines and makes some pretty, um, interesting requests. Everything from Old Timey Barbers to Clowns to Clippy, the Microsoft Office assistant paper clip. The funniest thing is that the women on the other end are more than willing to comply.

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Big Night Out bribe from The Warriors

They really, really want your support.  Lita thinks it sounds like a good deal, even if you have to watch the league first.

For the cost of a normal ticket to the game, fans will also be able to see leading New Zealand bands Shihad and Pluto in the Supertop after the game perform a full length concert.

Get your tickets from Ticketek, Mad Butcher stores or at the Vodafone Warriors office.

The game is at 8pm, 22nd June.  Pre-match entertainment kicks off at 6pm.

Lita bit: Warriors 

Remember this name: Esmee Denters

This totally cute 18 year old is the next up and coming YouTube sensation. Esmee Denters is from the Netherlands and has got a painfully soulful voice. She’s done covers by everyone from Beyonce to Common.

Pip’s had her in her YouTube favourites for nearly 6 months now so imagine her surprise when she found her featured on Hollywood’s Most Hated blog, PerezHilton. Yeah, she’s that good.

Here’s Esmee covering JT’s song “What goes around“. And guess who makes an appearance.

Outta her way, Christina & Britney. Well, Christina really. Britney’s a non-issue now, isn’t she.

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An umbrella for the both of you


We’re not sure if this tandem umbrella is correctly categorised as a ‘Gimme’. To use this we’d need boyfriends which we don’t have. So if you’re one of those people that has a partner, then maybe you’d like this and could possibly have some sort of use for it.

Otherwise, if you’re single, then this is completely useless. Completely.

Pip bit: Idealist