Celebrity Treasure Island: Ep10 – Girl Powerless

This week, the insane schedulers at TV2 think we don’t mind sitting up late to watch this tripe, and it means Matthew Ridge is the last thing seen before bed, which is fine if you don’t mind night terrors.

Oh well, at least Lita had a good time trawling the net this week for risque, sexy shots of the depleting Z-list cast.   


Quotes of the Week

“She dominated Monty, it was an ass-whipping really.” 

Nick Curnow eloquently describes Hayley Holt’s win over Monty Betham in the Captain’s Challenge.

“Mercy please Matthew.” 

Rebecca Loos tries to get out of the relationship as soon as she realises he is never gonna give up that orange singlet.


Bitch of the Week

Wendell Sailor for telling Aja Rock that she hadn’t proved herself only hours after she volunteered to lie in a coffin with snakes and other creepy crawlies, something he wouldn’t do.



A hairdresser appears to have visited the ‘set’, everyone looks freshly coiffured except the host but there’s still no sign of a stylist as scruffy Ridgey once again wears out his fave orange and blue singlets.  They must be stinking by now.

Click for more recapping and saucy pics (some pics not safe for work) …

The Mercy Challenge involves coffins.  Yawn.  This must be the 863rd time the coffins have been used in this show, Touchdown certainly know how to get value for money out of their props.  


Hayley Holt = Hotttt

Aja and April volunteer to be strapped in the coffins while Ridgey excitedly places snakes, crabs and sea leeches on the chest and tummy region of the girls.  “Its a snake on the chest! Well played Hayley!”  Um, Ridgey, Hayley was trying to avoid hitting the snake on the chest target, it’s only you that is pleased with this result, sicko

The Buccaneers win the challenge, even though Aja wins the I-can-look-sexy-even-with-sea-leech-spunk-all-over-my-chesticles award.  Other gratuitous body shots are provided by Becks wallowing in the sea, and later when her and Aja have legs and breasts akimbo on the ropes in the Elimination Challenge.


Monty Betham and his shotguns

Everyone is getting sick of everyone else. April continually questions Hayley’s loyalty.  Becks gets annoyed at Aja being in her face.  Monty is still lamenting about “girls” being in the competition.


 LooMatt relive their Treasure Island experience on holiday, only with less clothing.

Hayley’s proud win rewarded her with a telephone call.  She gave the call to Oz, who cried before, during and after speaking with his wife and kids.  Ahhh.  Lita hopes he remembers this generosity from Hayley at a later stage in the game.  


Is this Aja Rock?  Google Images thinks so.  What do you think?

The Corsairs discuss who should be captain, and both Aja and Becks want a go.  Becks nominates herself, but is out-voted, and Monty remains the power-player.  Becks is upset and wants out of the game. 


Rebecca Loos once masturbated a pig to, ahem, completion, on a reality show in the UK. 

Monty puts Aja and Becks up for the Elimination Challenge.  Hayley puts Wendell up.  Three of the four Corsairs are in the Elimination Challenge.  The Buccaneers look smug, even doubting April looks content for 5 seconds. 


Glen’s tatt helps with that bad boy look.

Wendell does horrendously in the Elimination Challenge, pulling his big ole self across two ropes painfully slowly.  But he beats the girls; Becks disqualifies by calling “Mercy” and Aja disqualifies by falling.  Wendell is shocked to have won, and Ridgey is bummed to lose Loos.  So is Lita.


Rebecca Loos, post-op.

Only two women are left in the competition, how ever will we get our fill of pervy body shots with this reduced ratio?  How will they replace Beck’s bikini-clad bod welcoming the start of each ad break?


Nick Curnow works it, and it works for Lita.

With Becks out, there is a need to back a new contender, and it’s looking to be Hayley.  Lita can’t bring herself to back the boys just yet.  This whole series has stunk of Boy Power (and Ridgey’s 2 singlets).


Lita still misses Jay Quinn

Lita bit


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