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Paris Hilton Autopsy

Paris Hilton has inspired an anti-drink driving public service announcement in the U.S.  Daniel Edwards has unveiled his life-size clay sculpture of Paris naked with her dog, Tinkerbell, and her cellphone also immortalised in mud.


The interactive display is called ‘Paris Hilton Autopsy’ and is designed to combat “the disturbingly glamorised trend of Hollywood’s girls gone wild.” 


Paris apparently posed for the artist some time ago, but never imagined her sculpture would end up used to help students avoid the bottle.  

An interactive Public Service Announcement featuring the graphic display of
a tiara-wearing, autopsied Paris Hilton with removable innards is designed
to warn teenagers of the hazards of underage drinking. The display also
features Tinkerbell, Hilton’s forlorn pet Chihuahua with matching tiara.

Removable innards? Fantastic.   Lita also loves the idea of students entering a competition to write the best obituary for Ms Hilton.  Wonder how she feels about it?

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Celebrity Treasure Island: Ep12 – Hayley Holt to Win!

Only 6 ‘celebrities’ remain with 2 episodes left. The end is nigh!  Send the weary home and now put something good on the telly.

(Click here to view the recap of Ep13 – The final)

Quote of the Week:

“Good luck white girl”

Matthew Ridge decides sexism isn’t enough this week, so brings a taste of his own unique race relations advice to the show, handily advising us that Hayley is the only white female left in the game.  Duh!  It isn’t radio Ridgey!

Bitch of the Week:

Matthew Ridge, for getting such sadistic pleasure from explaining and upholding “the rules”.  Did he really have to ask the obviously angry Wendell Sailor if he was stoked about them?  And when was the last time Ridgey ever played by the rules?


Here we are at Day 19 and just now told that Wendell has wanted to leave the island since Day 2. Was this information really not reality TV worthy until now?


Ridgey’s orange singlet makes it to another week. Lita wants to know the name of his washing powder, cos the colour really does stay in.

Hayley doesn’t win popularity contests this week because she didn’t shout out any helpful instructions to Oz during the first challenge, much to his annoyance. Everyone seemed surprised that Hayley plays competitively.  Fools!  Out of guilt, Hayley tried to assist Doug, but hindered him more than help.  Quelle surprise that April turns out to be a natural at barking out bossy instructions, luckily for Doug.

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Because stilettos are totally not high enough


England-based Punitive Shoes makes really high shoes. Higher than stilettos. The above is just one of its 30 styles to custom order from. They make them in sizes 36 to 46. For women and “women” alike.

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A Cleaning Montage

I always dreamt cleaning could be this fun when I was a wee girl.

Reality has set in my old age and I simply live in my own filth.

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Shame on You Kit

How handy is this?


The Shame on You Kit for the days (read: nights) when you can’t (read: don’t) make it home. 

Includes toothbrush, toothpaste, a one-size fits all thong, 3 condoms, phonecard, packet of pain relievers and a ‘leave behind note’ with envelope. All packaged in a conveniently-sized zip pouch.  Only $US26.

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What do people think of your face?

What Your Face Says

At first glance, people see you as strong willed and stubborn.Overall, your true self is passive and thoughtful.With friends, you seem logical, detached, and a bit manipulative.
In love, you seem like a huge flirt.

In stressful situations, you seem selfish and moody.

What Do People Think Of Your Face?

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Tyra needs a man

This can be safely assumed. Or maybe she is just overly affectionate.

You decide. There’s this.

And this. (Fast foward to the last fourth)

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