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Mocha eating broccoli

This is SO CUTE! SO cute that….ah…that…..I feel like shaving my head!

Yup, I am now officially sporting a Britney Spears ‘do … THAT’s how cute this is!

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Sanjaya hulas his way to American Idol stardom

Those who subject themselves to American Idol will know Sanjaya well.


He has won the hearts of American audiences, and its unlikely to be because of his talented voice.  Perhaps its because cranky Judge, Simon Cowell, has threatened to leave the show if Sanjaya Malakar wins.

This parody of Sanjaya has been doing the rounds on the internet.


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Bunny High

Isn’t Easter all about chocolate? 

Lita is disappointed at the lack of online specialty chocolate shoppes in NZ, Devonport Chocolates seem to be the only one (apart from local florists) that allow you to purchase online.


Or you could go straight to the big boys, and risk your Easter treats travelling the seas. 

Hotel Chocolat in the UK delivers to this side of the world at a reasonable cost.   They are currently running a competition that could see you win one of 20 Easter Hampers or free delivery on a purchase from their online store.  Click this link to enter.


We’re not going to send you off hunting through thorny thickets for Hotel Chocolat’s renowned extra thick Easter Eggs, instead, we’re inviting you to put your feet up and join in from the comfort of your home or office. Much more convenient we’re sure you’ll agree – and far fewer grass stains too!

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Courtney Love’s new old self

Courtney Love has lost a lot of weight.


She’s been on the macrobiotic diet that Maddona and Gwyneth love so much, and has reportedly lost over 20kgs.  It may not just be her weight-loss that makes her look different though, she had more plastic surgery earlier this year, this time to return her nose and lips back to how they were before the surgery before last.  Love explains on her website:

I hated that nosejobby nose, it was like a little beak” 

Now, she says, “[It] looks like the one god gave me so I’m happy not to have crazy lips and a crazy teensy unnatural little nose.”   

Her photoshoot in Vogue Italia is receiving a lot of criticism for being airbrushed to the point of unrecognisable.  Love has also been in the gossip columns lately for playing tongue tonsils all night with Bruce Willis at his 52nd birthday bash.


Lita doesn’t care who says what about this girl …

 …  you can never get enough Love.

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Little guy falling

He may look as if he is on solid ground, but just you wait. Click on the image.

Falling dude

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Is it a cigarette or is it tea?

Both. Kinda.

You don’t smoke it, you soak it. In hot water that is. A funny and useful way to package tea. I’d buy this and tell Lita to smoke it. Yeah, I live on the edge playing tricks on smokers.


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Friday Office Dancing: Here it goes again

Cos, really … who could ever get enough of this YouTube Award winning video?

(apart from Lita’s workmates)

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