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Bill Gates – hot 1970’s glamour geek


Good point.  I doubt I would’ve taken them seriously, them and their crazy new-fangled windows ideas.

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Dial P for Porn

Is it a shock that cellphones are touted to be the next platform for pornography?  This brings new meaning to phone sex.












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News brought to you by Scriggity

Online reality has taken over. Vlogs (online video logs) have become the new black.  Check out Scriggity. The extremely hot Shauna reports your news.

People hate the news because it either doesn’t have anything to do with them or it doesn’t interest them. So if you won the spelling bee at school this week or your cousin left the door open and your dog ran away and you want us to post his picture, send it to us and we’ll report on it.


Lita can kill hours just staring at Shauna’s hypnotic lip piercing.  John Campbell would do well with one.

Vlogs are so hot right now, you can even vote for the Vlogosphere’s hottest newsreader.  Shauna from Scriggity is in the final hot heat, go show her some voting love here.  

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Gucci Ad by Novice with Initiative


This dude here took a pic of himself nude, slapped on a Gucci parfume bottle and text in a homemade advert layout, and sent it to a publication in Switzerland. That publication then billed Gucci the $50,000 for running the ad. Gucci is mad. And no one can find this guy now.

Brill, brill, brill!

Must try this sometime.

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How evil are you?

You Are 62% Evil

You are very evil. And you’re too evil to care.

Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.

How Evil Are You?

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Gift for him: Viagra Cufflinks

The perfect gift for the guy who has everything, but could, ahem, get harder/last longer?

Cuff Links

If you can spare the viagra, our friends at Tampon Crafts provide you instructions on making some potent bling for the special softy in your life.

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Domino’s Pizza – why you should live alone

This advert makes you feel better about the uggo freak you just let move in to the spare room.  Pizza anyone?

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