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T minus 14

Pip’n’Lita don’t buy into any psuedo-holiday, fabricated by the greeting card, jewellery and chocolate companies to make huge profits thought guilt and mainpulation day.   We don’t, honest. 

But here at BOTS, we do feel compelled to bring alternative Valentines Day messages and gifts to the masses.  So, from now until V Day, expect the alternative, anti and cheesiest of lurve messages.

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Someone Should Do This

Bits on the Side is all about promoting great ideas. Remember when sliced bread first came on the scene? Yup, we so heralded its wonders and look where it is now.

And so in keeping with our philanthropic-like characteristic, we’ve found a complete brilliant idea for cereal boxes by David & Phoebe:

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Justin draws his own conclusion

And so today we find the newly Diaz-free-zone that is Justin Timberlake reminiscing and reading old love letters from Britney.


Dating while taking Speed?

Pip said:  We really should do that speed dating thang Lita

Lita said: I’ve heard mixed reviews about it

Pip said: Lets do it anyway, whats the detail?

Lita said: Theres or, which one?

Pip said: You choose.  I prefer the one with the hottest, most kindest, most giving and totally ready to commit guys.

Lita said: Oh, we are going gay speed dating?


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I do live here


NZ Herald reports on the uncharacteristically proactive nature of local Police in New Plymouth.

The 42-year-old man, well-known to police, was pepper-sprayed, handcuffed and arrested for disorderly behaviour.

Back at the station he assured them it was his home and he had recently returned after being away for eight weeks.

If he was “well-known” to Police, how come they didn’t know that was his home address?

Is it wrong to think these lipstick pepper sprays are cute?


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Osbournes Too Conservative For Nude Beach

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne weren’t too keen to go topless at a beach in Mallorca so they were   asked to leave. Kelly says of her experience, “I went to Mallorca with my mum and we were on a beach and asked to move because we wouldn’t go topless. It was my worst holiday.” Oh poor, little Kelly!

Pip’s first topless beach experience was also in Mallorca and was so great, she even did it in Mexico at a clothed beach. Needless to say she too was chucked from the beach.


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Preston’s Our Guy

Meet Preston Harwich. He’s Bits on the Side’s MySpace pick of the week. (Disclaimer: We don’t know if this is a weekly feature, but just think it makes us sound more ‘magazine-ee’)


Preston is 20 years old, attends Princeton and thinks he looks like Orlando Bloom. Uh-huh.
He owns a pet hamster named Melville and enjoys chemistry and maths. Uh-huh.
And ladies, this  man is single and ready to mingle.

Lita, how about an introduction?  Come on. You know you wanna.

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